The High Cost Of Free Marketing

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Submitted by: John Cargo

You have seen the ads in newspapers as well as in your SPAM email box, from people who have tried 30 or 40 work at home schemes that turned out to be rip-offs. Now they are offering to give you the information they learned during their search for Free.

The information they include goes on and on about how much money they made and now they want to share their secret of making huge amounts of money on the internet with you or a select group of people of which you just happen to be a part. Just think, the pitch may tell you, within an hour of setting up your new Free website, you could be raking in thousands of dollars an hour.

The first thing to ask when reading this is why it took them so long. Typically, by the time you read most of their sales pitch and have no idea what they are pushing, it s time to hit the delete key. Then I wonder what I did to become part of this select group.

Is it the fact I have an email address that showed up on someone s list? Then, why do they want to share this secret? Why not just keep making this obscene amount of money or share the secret with their family and friends. They most likely have hit them up to buy all of the other schemes they were involved with before they stumbled onto this secret.


Ok. Assume you re hooked on making a lot of money and you respond. You will get a Free professional website with a unique address on it through which you guide all your customers. When they buy this fantastic product, you get a large cut of the sale. But wait! There s more! Convince another person to sign up and you get a large bonus for bringing another sales outlet into the fold, as well as a cut of the profits on sales made through their website.

But wait! There s more! If you elevate your status by paying a monthly membership fee, your percentage of the profits goes up and if you agree to pay even more every month, your profit percentage rises exponentially.

Now this free home business opportunity is costing a little money now.

OK. Your site is up and running. Looking good, too. But you re not getting any traffic. Not to worry, because there s more!

This guy can steer you to another company that can, for a monthly fee, get your site onto search engines to get you all the traffic you can handle and all the orders your website can process. Hey, you ll be making more money than you ever dreamed possible. But wait! There s more!

Why limit yourself to just making these hundreds of thousands of dollars on this one successful website? You are his number one fan, since you are paying him and his other company (the one who is getting your name on search engines) will clue you to some of the best affiliate programs on the internet. He knows. He spent years looking for the ones who pay the best percentage for sales and by signing up with them, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year more! But wait! There s more!

The affiliate sites will offer you a pittance for you to push their product until you become an elevated member by paying their monthly membership fee and that s when you start making really big money.

Your Free website and home based business is now costing you upwards of $250 a month and you have not made a cent.

Ask yourself What am I selling, again? Don t know? Probably because no one ever told you. They just want to give the chance to sell something, and they are willing to take your money to show you how to do it every month.

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