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Question: 1

How can an administrator copy an existing backup image of from an Advanced Disk storage unit to a Media Server Deduplication Pool (MSDP)?

A. run bpimport with the source and the destination storage unit

B. create a Storage Lifecycle Policy that contains a duplication to the MSDP pool

C. run bpduplicate with the backup ID and the destination storage unit

D. run nbreplicate with the backup ID and the destination storage unit

Answer: D

Question: 2

An administrator has a backup policy with the following attributes:

5 paths listed in the Backup Selections list

3 clients listed in the Clients list

Allow multiple data streams is selected

Max Jobs per Client value set to 4

How many jobs go Active when the job is started, excluding parent jobs?

A. 8

B. 9

C. 12

D. 15

Answer: C

Question: 3

How can an administrator determine the storage and database paths for a Media Server Deduplication Pool?

A. run the Configure Disk Storage Server wizard for the MSDP

B. view Storage Unit > View Properties for the MSOP storage unit

C. view Disk Pool > Disk volumes for the MSDP disk pool

D. view Storage Server > Properties for the storage serve

Answer: C

Question: 4

Which command can an administrator run to test and analyze connections between master servers, media servers, and clients for multiple Net Back up ports?

A. bperro

B. bpconfig

C. bpresolve

D. bptestnetconn

Answer: D


Question: 5

A Netbackup environment suffers from intermittent network outages between the Media Server Drduplication Pool (MSOP) media server and clients during the backup window. This results in multiple backup failures.

Mow should an administrator overcome the backup failure issue?

A. enable Network Resiliency

B. configure client-side deduplication

C. increase the client connect timeout

D. increase the CR_STATS_TIMLR interval

Answer: A

Question: 6

An administrator needs to store secure tape copies of protected data to an offsite location.

How can the administrator automatically eject tape media daily and create detailed reports?

A. encrypt the tapes using software encryption and use a storage lifecycle policy to perform automatic ejects and create reports

B. enable the encryption attribute on the vault policy to perform automated ejects and create reports

C. use tape drives that support hardware encryption and use a vault policy to perform automated ejects and create reports

D. use tape drives that support hardware encryption and use a storage lifecycle policy to perform automated ejects and create reports

Answer: C

Question: 7

Some NetBackup jobs are affected by the failure of a disk in an Advanced Disk pool, but the jobs are unavailable to view in the Activity Monitor.

In which two places can the administrator view Net Backup jobs affected by the disk failure? (Select two.)

A. Media and Device Management > Device Monitor > Disk Pool

B. Net Backup Management > Reports > Disk Reports > Disk logs

C. Net Backup Management > Reports > Disk Reports > Disk Pool Status

D. Net Backup Management > Reports > Disk Reports > Disk Storage Unit Status

E. Net Backup Management > Reports > Media Logs

Answer: AD

Question: 8

An administrator has a scheduled policy has a scheduled policy backs up 20 clients, each with multiple mount points and multiple data streams enabled. One of the jobs has failed and is in an Incomplete slate in the Activity Monitor.

Mow should the administrator verify the incomplete job runs prior to the next scheduled backup?

A. run a manual job the client

B. resume the jo

C. run a manual job for the mount point

D. resume the parent jo

Answer: B

Question: 9

A backup image on tape is due to expire in one week. The administrator needs to keep the image available for restore indefinitely.

Which two methods can be used to accomplish this goal? (Select two.)

A. use the bpexpdate command to change the expiration date of the image

B. use the bpretlevel command to customize the retention level

C. use the bpimmedia command to freeze the tape

D. use the bpduplicate command to create a copy with an infinite retention

E. use the vmchange command to change the expiration date of the tape

Answer: A, D

Question: 10

Refer to the exhibit.

A backup job configured with a retention level of 2 and Policy volume pool set to the server_tapes is failing due to Status Code 96: Unable to allocate media for backup. See the output of the available_media command below:

Which task in the NetBackup Administration Console should the administrator perform to resolve the status code 96 error?

A. Change volume C11201 to the scratch_pool volume pool

B. Change volume E02002 to the scratch_pool volume pool

C. Change volume E02004 to the scratch_pool volume pool

D. Change volume E02003 to the scratch_pool volume pool

Answer: C

Question: 11

Winch backup storage is unsupported with media server load balancing?

A. BasicDisk

B. Media Server Deduplication Pool

C. AdvancedDisk

D. Media Manager storage

Answer: D

Question: 12

Which two storage unit types can be configured in NetBackup? (Select two.)

A. deduplication


C. robot

D. media manage

E. tape

Answer: B, D

Question: 13

A NetBackup policy is configured to back up the following paths for a client:





Multistreaming is enabled for the backups, and multiplexing is set to 4. Backup streams are running slowly.

Which step should the administrator consider to improve backup performance?

A. increase the multiplexing level

B. back up only one stream from each physical device on the client

C. disable multistreaming

D. increase the number of data buffers

Answer: B

Question: 14

Storage life-cycle policy SLP1 is used to perform a backup and duplication. The backup is always a small 100MB backup. The master server host properties for SLP Parameters are set to the default values.

How can the administrator ensure the duplications run as soon as possible after the backup completes?

A. reduce the Job submission Interval setting to 0

B. reduce the Minimum size per duplication job setting to 50MB

C. right-click SLP1 and select Manual Relocation to Final Destination

D. increase the priority for secondary operations in the SLP

Answer: D

Question: 15

An administrator configures a default Standard die system backup policy, which backs up very large file systems from a set of clients, There are multiple scheduled backup attempts configured.

How can the administrator reduce the amount of time needed to complete these backup jobs alter failures?

A. configure the Take checkpoints every policy setting

B. increase the Job retry delay host property setting

C. use the Resume Job action instead of Restart Jo

D. increase the Client connect timeout host property setting

Answer: A

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