Too Many Office Given Engraved Pocket Watches? Recycle Them!

By Bradlley Mckoy

Often, the heads of committees for corporate giveaways and gifts for employees run out of steam. Put yourself in their shoes and you will find that mass gift-giving on a yearly basis can be a mind-numbing experience, not to mention a daunting task considering that you have to find a gift that fits everybody, fits into the budget and fits in the pockets. So, they settle for mundane and recurring items like engraved pocket watches! Do you hear dismayed groans? Or is it just you?

But never worry. You can recycle these accumulated engraved pocket watches without a trace of guilt and without leaving a trace on your wallets.

Sell Them on eBay

Or any other selling sites you prefer. Do not think for a moment that nobody will take interest in these items, not when they are so common, so crass, and so cranky. Somebody, somewhere in the Internet universe will have use for them in ways you will tell yourself you should have thought about first. Who said regrets come before the action anyway?

But if you remain ignorant of these uses, then you will be selling these engraved pocket watches without a trace of remorse and with money on your wallet, to boot.

Sell Them in a Yard Garage Sale

Garage sales are curious things. You sell stuff you do not use and others buy your stuff they will have no use for either. Then again, many a valuable artwork has been discovered in the trash and in yard sales, which is not to say your corporate-embossed pocket watches will be the next Patek Philippe that sold for $11 million dollars at Sotheby’s in December 1999. You wish.

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Give Them to Friends and Family

Your friends and family might have use for these watches, again in ways you never dreamed possible. Not to mention, absolutely ridiculous and borderline insane but do not let them hear you say that.

For example, take your relative who never goes out without his assortment of watches. He has one on his wrist, one on his cellphone, one in his suit pocket and one in his head. He will definitely appreciate your gifts of engraved pocket watches, never mind the corporate logo.

You might even have a friend who lives by the clock. Her life is ruled by a pre-arranged schedule, deviations of which can send her into a frenzy. You can give her the atomic pocket watches so that she knows she is perfectly in sync with the rest of the universe’s ticking clock.

Use Them as Decorations

Not on your body though unless you want to be a walking advertisement for your company and an easy target of the fashion police. You can string your unused engraved pocket watches all together and make a unique conversational decoration in your living room, a kind of mobile art piece. Do any artist proud, eh?

Or you can display those in the bathroom to remind your teenage daughter of the time she spends doing her thing while others are raring to do theirs.

When all else fails, you can always use your engraved pocket watches as bomb timers to remind the committees that

* Yes, you are tired of these watches

* No, you are not joking

Then again, why not just throw them away, right?

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