The Best Chance To Avoid A Conviction Utilizing An Insurance Lawyer In Rapid City

byAlma Abell

Facing a DUI charge is embarrassing and may have an impact on your employment, car insurance rates and could even mean jail time, fines, and the loss of your driving permit. If this is a second DUI charge, you could be facing serious consequences with higher fines, more jail time and a possibility of losing your driving permit for an extended period of time. Since a DUI is a criminal offense, it will be added to your permanent criminal record. Finding a well-experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to represent you in such a case is a must, should you find yourself in such a position.


After securing an Insurance Lawyer in Rapid City, you will sit down and review step-by-step the entire process of the arrest. A lawyer will want to analyze the procedures followed or perhaps not followed by the arresting officer. Many times when a person is arrested they may be let go on a technicality in which the police officer made a mistake in handling the arrest. Your attorney will also want to see the results and procedures that were followed associated with testing that was performed on you to show intoxication. These tests may be comprised to measure alcohol levels in blood, urine, or a conducted breathalyzer test. These tests are often challenged in the courts with positive results for the defendant if there were any abnormal circumstances.

Your Insurance Lawyer Rapid City will want to present any evidence of mishandled testing or procedures not followed at your administrative license hearing in an attempt to allow you to keep your license. If you lose at this hearing, you may have your license suspended. However, it is entirely possible to find a small mistake made by the arresting officer that could have your case dismissed.

You should always be honest with your attorney. Telling the truth about how much you had to drink, what you ate, and how long you had stopped drinking before getting behind the wheel will help your attorney prepare which questions to ask in court and which questions to avoid. It is a case that can be won by a lawyer who investigates the details and asks the right questions of the arresting officer. Being able to account for all of the events of the arrest will offer an opportunity for your case to be dismissed and no charges brought upon you.

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