Please Spay And Neuter Your Pets In Mesa Az


If you have recently purchased or adopted a pet, one of the first and most important decisions that you will have to make is whether to Spay or Neuter your pet. Spaying involves the veterinarian removing the uterus and overlies of your female pet. Neutering is removing the testicles of a male pet. Both procedures are done under the care of a veterinarian with a minimal if any hospitalization. Spay and Neuter Mesa AZ along with many other cities and states have low cost clinics and programs that will assist with creating access and the cost of the procedure. Even at full price Spay and Neutering will still cost less than raising a litter of unwanted puppies or kittens.

There are many reasons to Spay and Neuter Mesa AZ. First and foremost it is the most humane thing to do. There are millions of unwanted animals that have to be euthanized each year due to over population. This can be avoided with responsible care. There are many health benefits. Spaying will help to reduce occurrences of breast cancer, and uterine infections which can quickly be fatal in most dogs and cats. Having your animal spayed before they first come into heat will afford them the best protection. Spaying will keep your animal from going into heat. This will help control your pet’s behavior. Many times when a female is in heat they will have a bloody discharge and feel the need to urinate to mark the area they are in, which can include the house.

Neutering your male animal will help to prevent testicular cancer when it is performed in the first six months of the animals life. This will control your male dog’s behaviors and keep your dog from roaming away from home. This will keep him safe from getting lost, traffic, and fights with other males over a female. A neutered male is able to focus, and concentrate more on their human families. They do not feel the need to establish, mark, or defend their territories. Many problems with animal aggression can be avoided if the animal is Spay and Neutered early.