Identity Theft Insurance

By Bernard Pragides

As a result of increasing levels of identity theft, and identity theft related crimes, many companies are now offering new services to their clients to help protect them should such a thing occur. One of the most effective and useful services being provided is Identity theft insurance.

The way in which it works is, if your personal data or information is stolen, companies that could be affected by this, that you have insurance for, will allow for the insurance itself to cover the monetary costs that the crime could cause. The costs that it will cover includes things such as legal fees for defending yourself should the crime go to court and also the costs of telephone calls reporting the incident to various companies. Not only that, but it can also cover the costs of stamps and materials used to report the incident by post.


If loans, mortgages and finance or credit has been applied for in your name, and rejected, there are occasionally fees involved due to the rejection. Companies very often charge for the letters informing you of the rejected application etc. The identity theft insurance that you take out can cover these fees. It can also cover for any monetary loss in the case of wages where time has had to have been taken off to deal with the identity theft – days taken to report the incident, court appearances etc.

Identity theft insurance is good because although you may think that this crime may not happen to you, whether you are extremely careful with your details or not, it still can happen and the question you need to ask yourself is, would you be able to survive having to pay all of the above things, should it happen? Legal fees, for one, are very expensive and obviously you will want a good attorney to defend your case. Everything costs money, and it is not fair for you to lose out because of a crime committed by someone else, but you do have to pay for the amount of protection that you would need. Obviously, different levels of covered costs differing amounts of money. You get the service you pay for. Some policies only cover against monetary lost in the way of credit card payments that have not been authorized by you. Others will include all of the above. Fee’s vary and you might want to spend some time working out which of the insurance policies will be the best one for you.

Identity theft insurance works in the same way as home insurance or life insurance does. You will have to pay a monthly fee, and this amount depends on the type of cover you want. A lot of the policies work in conjunction with your credit report and alert you if any changes have been made, for example, credit card or loan applications. If you do not pay your insurance, you will not be covered, and you may want to read the fine print to ensure that you are getting the best cover for you.

There are many companies that now offer identity theft insurance, and the key is to shop around for the one that you think would be best for you. There are a lot of websites that can compare these sorts of details for you and provide you with the company that offers a policy that best suits both your need and your budget.

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