Flying With Children From Edinburgh Airport 8 Top Tips}

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Flying with children from Edinburgh airport 8 top tips


Paula Garrett

Air travel with children can often seem like an endurance test, especially in todays climate of increased airport security. But, with a little preparation and by following the tips below, you can avoid major problems and arrive at your destination with happy children.

1.Book seats in advance

When booking flights try to book the seats at the same time – book two seats of two with two window seats, allowing the children to have a window seat each. Most children, especially the younger ones, love watching the planes, the luggage being loaded and refuelling it helps to keep them distracted while waiting to take off.

2.Book direct flights

Try to avoid changing planes and book a direct flight. If a stop over is unavoidable, allow plenty of time to change planes, allowing for delays and time for the kids to run about and let off steam between flights.


3.Give children their own hand luggage

When organising hand baggage, give each child a small bag with a selection of things to keep them occupied during the flight. A small cuddly toy, playing cards and coloured pencils are good, but you cant beat an electronic game or portable DVD player. If your children love reading, allow them to buy a book at the airport, the excitement and novelty of a new book can keep them engrossed for ages. Pack snacks and water (bought after security), include chewy sweets for take off and landing.

4.Be prepared

Make sure you pack enough supplies for the flight. If you have a baby or young toddler, pack plenty of nappies and a change of clothes. Dont forget to change the babys nappy before boarding, and if you are trying to toilet train your child – give up on the flight and use pull-ups its just not worth the hassle!

5.Arrive early

Try to arrive at the airport early. Aim to leave half an hour before you need to, plan for unexpected delays, and dont forget about parking. If youre stressed because you are running late, your children will get stressed too.

6.Keep your buggy/stroller with you

Its advisable to take your buggy / stroller to the gate – most airlines will let you take your buggy to the planes door and will then put it in to the hold. Its a good idea to take an inexpensive, umbrella type buggy as they do get thrown about in the hold.

7.Book Meet and Greet parking

Book meet and greet airport parking . This is a stress free, time saving, ultra-convenient method of airport parking, especially when travelling with children. All thats involved is driving directly to the airport terminal where a driver is waiting to collect your car, get your kids and cases out of the car, hand over the keys and walk in to the terminal. The driver parks your car in their secure car park and when you return he brings your car back to the terminal for you just walk out of the terminal building, load up your luggage, and kids, and away you go! It really is that simple.

8.Talk to your children

Draw your childs attention to everyday life in the airport. Chat to them about what is happening throughout the journey, even the very young find things we take for granted, such as checking in hold baggage and passing through airport security, fascinating.

By following these tips you should minimise the strain on you and your children. Remember a holiday is for relaxing, focus on the destination not the journey and above all enjoy your holiday.

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Flying with children from Edinburgh airport 8 top tips}