Everything You Need To Know About Fixed Awnings

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Everything you need to know about fixed awnings


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Fixed awnings, like many enhancements one may choose to make to their home or building, are more complex than they might initially seem. There are choices about style and material, as well as considerations about fixed awnings in general that one must bear in mind when considering this particular architectural and functional enhancement.

Why fixed awnings?

Fixed awnings provide a functional purpose in addition to the elegant beauty they will add to your home s exterior. They can provide protection for your windows, shade in the summertime, and a means of blocking rain or snow in the wintertime. The right fixed awning can last for decades, serving your family s needs while improving the appearance of your home.


Fixed Awning Materials

While many people think of canvas first when considering awning materials, this is not the case for fixed awnings. Fixed awnings are made of metal, generally either aluminum or copper.

o Aluminum: Inexpensive and ecologically friendly, aluminum fixtures of all types, including awnings, have become more popular in recent years. However, the lightweight nature of aluminum that makes in cheaper to work with also inhibits its ability to withstand normal wear and tear, leading to visible dings and dents. Aluminum is also limited in its aesthetic appeal, as it looks best with modern architecture but may not be as attractive with other styles.

o Copper: Generally considered the best choice for fixed awnings, copper is a heavier and more durable material that can withstand the elements and requires little or no maintenance. Copper awnings can be made in a variety of styles to reflect your personal style while complimenting the architectural style of your home. The patina that develops as copper is exposed to the elements creates a completely unique appearance for your awnings, making sure that your home appears as one-of-a-kind as you are.

Even More Options

Mounting: Fixed awnings can be mounted in a variety of ways, largely depending on the style of awning and which mounting is most complimentary to that style. They can be mounted directly onto a wall of your home, referred to as flush mounted, or they can be mounted used brackets that are available in a variety of styles. Finally, hanging awnings, ideal for terraces, porches, decks, and patios, extend from a wall of your home to cover the desired area.

Customized: If none of these options is exactly what you are looking for, you can speak with a specialist about customizing a fixed awning for your home that meets your needs. Size, style, mounting, and more can be tailored to your exact specifications.

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