Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Abeille Flandre

The ship of the organisation Greenpeace, the Rainbow Warrior II, was blockaded off Marseille by a fleet of 30 fisherman ships. The fishermen protested against the campaign by Greenpeace regarding an alleged over-fishing of blue-fin tuna.

The fishermen encircled the Rainbow Warrior II, leaving her only the room to receive supply from the land by means of small boats. The confrontation was settled when Greenpeace accepted that a ship of the French Navy, the oceanic tug Abeille Flandre, escort her to another harbour for supply, before leaving for Spain.

After blockading the ship, the fishermen blockaded the commercial harbour of Marseille, blocking traffic of passengers.

The préfecture maritime has required an investigation by the parquet regarding the multiple infractions which the Navy reported; these include the fishermen blocking and boarding the Rainbow Warrior II, the Rainbow Warrior II twice violating orders from the préfecture maritime not to stay off Marseille, and “problematic manoeuvers” on both sides.

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