A Quick Guide To Tennis Betting}

Submitted by: Alexander Greene

Tennis is a ball game played by striking a ball by the use of rackets over a stretched net between two teams of single or double players each. It is played on grass, clay or artificial ground.

Tennis is a popular game, attracting spectators from all over the world. Just like any other game that is entertaining in nature by itself, spectators are glued to their seats for the entire gaming time, as they cheer their favorite players in the stadiums, casinos, restaurants and bars as well as in their homes, thanks to technological improvements. Taking into assumption that all the players are out looking to be entertained is erroneous and ambiguous. Statistics have proven that actually a larger portion of spectators are gamblers, or simply, people who are out to make their staying glued to the game, their watching of the game, the ticking clock does not leave the as they were at the beginning. They are out to magnify their wallets into larger sizes by the end of the game. Sounds like a business, huh! Of course it is a business, a betting business. In tennis specifically, Its termed ‘tennis betting.

‘Betting is actually the prediction of the possible outcome at the end of that game. In other words, what the scoreboard says about the game. This entails a few aspects of unique yet crucially independent aspects, which make every minute in the game counts. Tennis predictions can be a little challenging. As a potential bettor, the following are the few aspects you need to consider before placing that hard-earned cash ‘where your mouth is’.

1. Know your market.

By market, I refer to the tennis prediction or betting platforms. You have to ask yourself these questions:

-how high or low are the odds they offer?

-how many choices or provisions do they offer in a single game? For instance, does the platform allow you to predict who wins the first set only, the second set only, or does it only have provisions for the final score? Does it provide slots for the correct score (points) by the end of the game and any other potential or possible combination?

-how do you transact with them? Are you charged for commission during withdrawal from or deposition of the cash into your account or till, and if so, how much is it?

-how easily do you access your cash or convert it in case of plastic money?

-are you conversant with their terms in case of mishaps (for instance betting on the third set and the game ends after two sets, are there refunds or how do them handle that)? Are you comfortable with that?

-do they offer live tennis predictions (predictions even after the kick-off of the game)?

Trust me; this information helps you to decide on the best market to deal with, in terms of laying your predictions against theirs. It’s your prediction against someone else’s. I am sure you wouldn’t bet in a platform that realizes it’s going to run bankrupt in the middle of the game and cancels the deals/bets in the middle of the game, or even closes down.

2. Know the game.

As an interested person in tennis predictions, you have to be conversant enough about the game. Start from the simple facts about the game such as the number of teams or players involved in a match, the number of sets in a single match and the conditions that affect the overall score at the end of it all. Knowing a few rules too will prove to be good a deal, especially when doing a live prediction. For instance, during the Advantage In (Ad-In) and Advantage Out (Ad-Out), a deuce, et cetera.

3. Know your best player(s)/team(s).

This is the player you want to place your cash for. There are times that you are preoccupied and you never find enough time to research enough prior to making the tennis prediction. This implies that you have to bet with less confidence, as will be explained in the next paragraph. A prior knowledge on your favorite team(s) will help you at such an instance. These/this has to be the player you have greatest confidence is, from past trend in their score in earlier games. In short, they have to be a player/ team that wins most of their matches, or does not disappoint very often.

4. Be an intensive and extensive analyst.

Take your time to analyze your player. Take a look at the trends they have set. Be sure to analyse the encounters they have made and the scores that accrued in that game. Who won? What was the margin? Did they have to play all the sets? Where was the encounter? What was their fitness standard? How about their ratings then, and how does that compare with the current rating?

Definitely, most of the answers will tend to converge towards a given player. This is the player to possibly bet for in order to get good returns. Compare and contrast your findings with the market odds from the platform. Do they add up? If not so, why don’t they? Usually, the favorite player is awarded lower odds. Note that it is not always that the favorite player (with lesser odd figure) emerges the winner.

5. Be passionate about the game.

A successful predictor in tennis is one who has developed considerable or even outstanding passion for the matches. He is a close follower of most of the matches being played, keeps a record for later references. This does not have to be physical reference source. You can easily and readily access the internet for this information.

6. Know your favorite arena/ where you win more often.

The data you collect during analysis prior to betting should enable you predict correctly the scores. Where exactly was the game played- was it in clay or grass? What was the physical geographical location of the match? What season was it- summer, winter…? What was the weather and how does it all affect the player(s)?

7. Assume the player’s position.

Put yourself in your player’s (the player you want to bet for) position. What’s your fitness index? Have the recent three or four matches affected your confidence in any way? Are you ready to grab that racket and smash that tennis ball into your opponent’s side of the court and score? Are you under the control of the opponent or are they under yours?

Please be cautious not to overrate yourself as this might affect your decision during predictions.

After going through the above points and getting answers narrowing down towards a particular player, then you can easily and confidently bet for them.

These are just but guidelines, which I highly hope will be of benefit to you as you predict your next tennis match. However, they are not a hundred percent approved. Good luck as you bet.

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