Over The Counter Reading Glasses Style Guide

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Submitted by: Erica Stevens

When you re ready to start shopping for your reading glasses, understanding some of the current trends will help you make your choices. After all, when you buy readers over the counter, they re affordable enough to replace them when you tire of them or they re out of style. Your reading glasses are ideal for showing off your personality, but your commitment to each pair doesn t need to last forever!

How Effective are Over the Counter Reading Glasses?

If you re contemplating reading glasses and want to get in on the trends, then you may be wondering if they re as effective when purchased over the counter as they would be if you bought the prescription variety. If there s potential that you ll only keep your glasses for a year o two until your tastes change, it makes sense that you d want to save some money after all. Here are some important details you should know about over the counter reading glasses to help you make your decision:

Price alone doesn t dictate quality – When you purchase traditional reading glasses over the counter or by prescription, the lenses are the same and the same strengths are available. The type of frames and the brand are typically what dictate the price point of glasses, not quality from a vision perspective. Prescription reading glasses tend to be more expensive, but it s not necessary to go that route.

In most circumstances prescription readers won t improve your vision anymore than over the counter ones an Optometrist can tell you how strong your lenses should be after completing routine vision tests. You can also use at home tests, like the Diopter Chart to get an idea of what to purchase. Whether your glasses are made from a prescription or buy them over the counter, as long as you buy the right strength the benefits to your vision will be the same.


More style options over the counter there is a greater variety of frame styles when you buy over the counter, so you can get in on any trend!

Choosing Your Glasses Frames

Once you ve decided on over the counter glasses, the fun begins with choosing from the popular and stylish frame types.

Plastic frames these glasses come with a nerdy, intelligent heir about them and they suit both men and women! You can buy plastic reading glasses or reading bifocals in solid black, bold colors or even patterns.

Rimless glasses – the frames on these glasses are minimalist and subtle. If you don t want to worry about matching or ensuring that you reading glasses go with your outfit, then these ones will always fit the criteria.

Wire glasses these are much more contemporary and classic in design and are also subtle.

Trends in Reading Glasses for 2011

Now that you ve learned about the different types of frames you can select for your reading glasses, here s a little guidance regarding the hottest trends in eyewear for 2011!

Glasses inspired by Mad Men this is a trend that allows people to branch out and get their funk on. To get the retro look, shop for glasses that are oval, round or square. The most interesting ones are those that have bold colors or patterns! You can complete the Mad Men look while wearing a collared shirt, bowtie, double-breasted cardigan or a tailored suit.

Nerdy, chic glasses embrace your inner nerd instead of hiding it this year and get colorful wire frames, large oval glasses, or plastic framed glasses with horn rims! Complete the look with a cardigan, suspenders, and whatever else you ve got in your closet that you ve been too afraid to wear!

Colorful glasses the bolder the better this year, and colorful glasses can give you an alternative, artsy look. Pair them with your favorite beret or fedora so you look modern and right on trend!

Now that you ve got an overview of what s in style this year as far as your reading glasses go, you can get shopping for quality reading glasses!

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